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Network Logistical Solutions (NLS) help small business become subcontractors, subcontractors become primes and primes grow and achieve sustainability.  We provide business with the support to create and stabalize a process efficient infrastruction. Prepare for the opportunity, secure the opportunity, and efficiently perform the tasks that garners your company with the reputation of "excellence". We provide your team with the resources to identify, reduce, and eliminate costly expenses. We follow the process by helping to streamline and eliminate processes that for exceeding your customer's needs. Repeat the process to stablize your brand in the industry.

Dedication. Integrity. Team Work.

Network Logistical Solutions LLC

A Little About Us

"We are a Network of Solutions".

Network Logistical Solutions LLC has been offering clients throughout Michigan and the surrounding states quality transportation services and business support services since 2014. A certified Disadvantage Business Enterprises (DBE), Small Business Enterprise (SBE) with Wayne Airport Authority, and  Wayne County Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) with Corporate and Government experienced staff of professionals with over 25 years of business development, construction, accounting, and financial analysis.  Member of the National Association of Black Women In Business (NAWBIC), Metro Detroit Trucking Association (MDTA), and Detroit Transportation Club (DTC).

 We work to maintain strong partnerships with leaders in the industry who operate with the same philosophy of integrity. As a team, "We are a Network of Solutions".

Our Services

"Accounting Architects"

Contracting and Sub-Contracting Opportunities

Financial Analysis

Profitability & Value

Profit & Loss Statements

Cash Flow Statements

Balance Sheets

Projections vs Actuals

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Keeping Track of Income, Expenses and Equity

Account Receivables

Account Payables

Account Reconciliation


Cost Accounting

General Ledger

Return on Investment


What is your business missing (opportunity costs)

Reduce Benefits Cost

Leveraging HR Resources

Identify Costly "Operating" Expenses

Reduce Liabilities

Increase Revenue

Project Management - a financial prospective

Contracting & Sub-contracting Services

Heavy Hauling (Demolition Services)

We offer support services in heavy hauling in construction services provided throughout Michigan.  We support demolition work.

Certified DBE for MDOT road and bridge projects and experience with local demolition contracts.

Network Logistical Solutions LLC

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